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Learn the keys to simulate Composite Materials by understanding…

HOW to do it

And more importantly…

WHY is it done this way

This is what you will learn in this seminar

Discover the most valuable and efficient numerical strategies to get high-quality simulations of composite materials

Understand all the concepts behind the FE models: multiscale modeling, cohesive zone models, periodic boundary conditions, residual stresses, damage modeling…

Save lots of time automating your numerical models thanks to Python scripts in Abaqus. Not only the preprocessing, but all the workflow is automated

Learn how to fix your simulation if it does not converge, even in the presence of damage, large deformations and other sources of nonlinearities

Learn everything about classic and the latest state-of-the-art modeling techniques of composite materials

Learn how to interpret the results of your numerical models and a lot more tips and recommendations to obtain stunning and meaningful

Who am I?

I am Miguel Herráez, BSc in Industrial Engineering and Phd in Materials Science.


My first contact with Composite Materials was at the end of my BSc in Mechanical Engineering, performing my final project in the US (West Virginia University).


Thanks to my Advisor, I started to get more and more involved in that field. At that moment, I did not know that it was just the beginning of my scientific career.


I have been studying, testing and developing Finite Element (FE) simulations since 2013, when I started my Phd on numerical modeling of fiber-reinforced composites. I still remember the first years in which I had to learn very little by little about this topic on my own.


For that reason, I have finally prepared this course, with which I want you to learn the numerical strategies for the simulation of composite materials.


You will learn in some hours all what I have learnt in almost 10 years!

Miguel Herraez, founder and professor of TecnoDigital School, expert in Abaqus, Python and numerical simulation tools
Where have I learnt and collaborated in my career?

NASA Langley

Visiting researcher

École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne

Post-doctoral researcher


Industrial and scientific projects

University of West Virginia (WVU)

BSc final project

IMDEA Materials Institute

Research assistant

URJC logo

University Rey Juan Carlos


Polytechnic University of Madrid

Phd in Mechanics of Materials

Carlos III University of Madrid

BSc in Industrial Engineering

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