Learn the most relevant modeling techniques for composites understanding HOW and WHY

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My name is Miguel Herráez, I am an industrial engineer and Phd in Materials Science.


My first contact with Composite Materials was at the end of my BSc in Mechanical Engineering, performing my final project in the US (West Virginia University).


Thanks to my Advisor (Prof. Ever Barbero), I started to get more and more involved in that field. At that moment, I did not know that this was just the beginning.


I have been studying, testing and developing Finite Element (FE) simulations since 2013, when I started my Phd on numerical modeling of fiber-reinforced composites. I still remember the first years in which I had to learn very little by little about this topic on my own.


For that reason, I have organized this workshop with which I want you to learn the most advanced numerical strategies for the simulation of composite materials in the world today.


I will teach you in a few hours what I have learnt in 10 years of experience!

Miguel Herraez, founder and professor of TecnoDigital School, expert in Abaqus, Python and numerical simulation tools
Structure of the Workshop

Multiscale Simulation of Composite Materials using Abaqus and Python Scripts

Introduction to simulation of composite materials [15:30 - 15:45]

Fundamentals of composites modeling

Multiscale modeling


Failure mechanisms in a unidirectional fiber reinforced ply


Computational Micromechanics [15:45 - 16:45]

Periodic Representative Volume Elements (RVE)

Periodic Boundary Conditions (2D and 3D)

Thermal residual stresses

Elastic homogenization

Inelastic deformation mechanisms

Cohesive zone models

Strength homogenization


micromechanics of composite crash course Abaqus comptest 2023


Advanced micromechanical models [16:45 - 17:30]

Limitations of periodic models and alternatives

Damage evolution analysis

Embedded cell models


Embedded cell model micromechanics of composite materials course comptest 2023

Computational Mechanics [17:45 - 18:30]

Laminate-level modeling

Composite layup analysis


ply drop-off in composite laminate course simulation with abaqus comptest 2023


Computational Mesomechanics [18:30 - 19:45]

Ply-level modeling

Damage in composite structures

Damage initiation and evolution

Intralaminar damage

Interlaminar damage (delamination)


damage and delamination of composite laminates abaqus course

Conclusions [19:45 - 20:00]


Questions and Answers [20:00 - 20:30]


questions crash course simulation of composites

Where will it take place?

Taking advantage of the celebration of the CompTest 2023 (11th International Conference on Composite Testing and Model Identification) organized by AMADE research group, the workshop will take place at University of Girona facilities.

This workshop will be carried out in hybrid format, so you can attend





June 2ⁿᵈ, Friday
From 15:30 to 20:30 (GMT+2)

Highlights about the workshop


I will personally solve all your questions


This training is 100% compatible with Abaqus Learning Edition


At the end of the workshop you will get your certificate of completion


This live workshop will take place at University of Girona facilities allowing on-site and online attendance


The full workshop will be recorded, so that you can rewatch it later at your own pace


CompTest 2023 conference begins the day after this workshop at the same location.

Registration to the workshop

Multiscale Simulation of Composite Materials using Abaqus and Python Scripts

On-site attendee

  • Access to workshop (on-site)
  • All additional resources
  • Access to recording session
  • Certificate of completion
  • Q&A
  • Coffee and beverages

Online attendee

  • Access to workshop (online)
  • All additional resources
  • Access to recording session
  • Certificate of completion
  • Q&A
  • Coffee and beverages

Frequently asked questions

You can participate at anytime along the session through the chat.


At the end, in the Q&A session you will be able to talk to me directly or even share your screen in case you need to.

If you want to follow the practical examples and explanations, you only need to bring your laptop with any Abaqus version installed.


The course is fully compatible with the Abaqus Learning Edition, so you don’t have to worry about connecting to license servers.

I will share all the materials required before the event to follow along with the explanations and concepts covered in the session.



The session will be completely recorded, so that you can watch it later at anytime to study and review all the concepts addressed at your own pace.

Any other questions or doubts?

In collaboration with

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