Discover how to save hundreds of working hours in Abaqus thanks to scripting with Python

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Are you in any of the following situations?

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Are you rejected when applying for a job in important companies and institutions in the engineering sector? Do you need a new set of skills that make you stand out?

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Are you worried about getting stuck at your current professional position and never reaching the income level and recognition that you expected?

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Do you find yourself spending time of your personal life because of work? Do you feel anxiety when thinking about the workload that you leave for tomorrow?

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Any problem takes too many hours of your time? Would you like to get rid of all the repetitive tasks that do not add any value to your work?

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Are you fed up of searching answers in forums, blogs, videotutorials and all sort of websites going nowhere? Are you alone when trying to solve your problems because you don’t count on professional advice?

I completely understand how you feel, I have also lived those situations and I would like to share my own experience and knowledge with you


Why can you trust me?

My name is Miguel Herráez, I am an industrial engineer and Phd in materials science.

From my childhood I have always wished to help everyone and to learn everyday something new to go as far as possible. That is how, a few years ago… I could even work at NASA!

In 2013, I started a Phd and I felt overwhelmed when I realized how many new things I had to master in such a short period of time. I needed to use Abaqus from the very first day, but I did not know anything about it.

I needed to learn quickly, I didn’t know where to get started and I was running out of time. I spent many days and nights reading, filtering and collecting information to get up to date.

Since that time, I have been working with Abaqus daily, for scientific purposes as well as for indutrial projects. This allowed me to develop a unique method to learn how to use Abaqus in an easy and fast way.

Thanks to this methodology, I have achieved further goals than I would have ever expected, and what is more important, I have helped other people to make it real too.


Where have I learnt and collaborated in my career?

EPFL university
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Universidad Politécnica de Madrid
airbus company
West Virginia University
University Carlos III Madrid

What is DATA?

DATA is a completely exclusive method with which you will discover how to harness all the potential of Abaqus

You will master this computational tool and you will experiment how your job opportunities grow day by day!

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Discover the possibilities that Abaqus has to offer, from the most fundamental levels up to the most sophisticated ones

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Learn how to exploit this powerful tool by understanding the foundations that you will need to apply later

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Transform and adapt all what you learnt. The way you think of a technical problem will evolve as you move on

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Put in practice all the concepts and examples in your daily work. Come on, get out of the comfort zone!

With DATA you will not only learn how, but also why, by combining practical cases and theory

On the internet, you may have found trainings in which you are told how to solve certain problems, however you are not told why you can do it that way and not in some other way


This method enables you to adapt what you learn to any problem that you may face in the future

Since I created this method…

save time automating your FE models with Python scripts

I have saved years of work, being able to spend all that time with my family and travelling


get a better job

I have worked in some of the best companies and institutions around the world (NASA, EPFL, Airbus…)

open to an universe of opportunities

I have helped over +300 professionals to achieve their goals opening an universe of opportunities

How can I help you?

courses Tecnodigital School

Online courses

Learn how to solve any problem easily and efficiently in Abaqus thanks to the unique DATA method and the combination with Python

consultancy Tecnodigital School

Professional consultancy

If you wish to address a particular problem or question with Abaqus or developing customized projects, you are on the right spot


Course Abaqus scripting with Python

Abaqus Scripting with Python

  • Become a professional of modelling and simulation of mechanical systems.
  • Learn one of the most demanded softwares by research institutions, universities and private companies: Abaqus
  • Speed up your work and avoid any mistakes
  • Develop complex models completely confident, starting from zero
  • +14 hours of videoclasses + updates… You cannot imagine how far you can go!

The power of Abaqus through Matlab

  • Discover how to exploit the simulation capabilities of Abaqus combined with the scientific potential of Matlab
  • Learn how to control Abaqus from any external application. Preprocessing, runnning simulations and postprocessing are possible
  • Design advanced workflows from Matlab and communicate with Abaqus by means of Python scripts
  • +3 hours of videoclasses with practical cases + quizzes + updates…

Simulation of composite materials with Abaqus

  • Learn step-by-step how to design, build and analyze all sort of finite element models for composite materials
  • I will show you all the concepts required to understand the mechanical response of composites (damage mechanisms, effect of the constituents…) and why numerical models are developed in that way (modeling techniques, pros & cons…)
  • Following a multiscale approach, develop state-of-the-art finite element models at the microscale, mesoscale and macroscale
  • Exploit automated simulation workflows  in Abaqus thanks to Python scripts

Controlling Abaqus from external Apps

  • Control Abaqus from any other application (Excel, Matlab…)
  • Introduce any custom functionality creating your own plug-ins into Abaqus/CAE
  • Learn how to create your own Python application which can interact with Abaqus!
  • 8 hours of recorded sessions including all the additional materials (Python scripts, Abaqus plug-ins, Matlab scripts, Excel files, and full Python project)
Course box Abaqus from external applications

Do you want to become an expert in the field of numerical simulation with Abaqus and obtain one of the most demanded skills by the industry?

Download my FREE GUIDE


“I have just completed the Simulation of Composite Materials with Abaqus course. I have to say this has been such a great course from the very beginning till the end. Very well presented, explained and structured, combining theory, references, methodology, and practical case studies, with the thinking process capturing the essence of the topic. This course and the knowledge you share makes me want to know even more and dive deeper. I have really enjoyed this course and I am hoping to see more content and courses on composites. I would highly recommend this course. The value and content that is presented in the course saves countless hours of research and struggle

Radovan Fridrich

Composites Engineer, UK

“I started your course on composites. You saved my life. I can now speed up a lot of my research.
It was the best day of my PhD until now.
Thanks a lot!”

Giuseppe Romano

Doctoral Researcher at The University of Manchester (United Kingdom) / Regional Representative at NAFEMS Italy

“Abaqus scripting with Python course prepared me to be industry ready. I learned the automation capabilities of FEA and good coding rules for efficient pre-processing and post-processing. I recommend this course to both young graduates and practicing professionals.”

Abin Alex

MSc. Aerospace Engineering. ISAE-SUPAERO (France)

“Miguel is able to highlight the importance of automating any tasks in Abaqus, going step-by-step in a very didactic and clear way, supported by a great collection of practical examples. The knowledge gained with the course was, is and will be applied directly in both academic and industrial environments. I highly recommend this course and, also want to thank TecnoDigital School and Miguel Herráez for sharing this knowledge.”

Andre Rittner Pires Correa

Doctoral Researcher, École de Technologie Supérieure (Montreal, Canada)

“By far you have made that anybody can follow the course. You provide all the tools required so that anyone who has ever programmed can follow the course perfectly. Definitely, it is a course made for all levels. I think the course is extremely useful and I would repeat it again for sure. I have felt the course is made taking care of every detail.

Mario Martín

Mechanical Engineering student, University of Oviedo (Spain)

“I have just completed the course Abaqus/Scripting with Python and, firstly, I would like to say congratulations. It has been a really interesting course, from which I take lots of resources to implement. I would like you to make new courses with the advanced topics mentioned at the end (optimization, user interfaces…). I hope to see new contributions and courses soon!

Andrés Egido

Aerospace Engineer, Saitec Offshore Technologies

“Abaqus/Scripting is a powerful tool to automate any task in Abaqus using Python scripts. This means that it is possible to automate and control any action performed in Abaqus and, consequently, save a tremendous amount of time both in the PreProcess and PostProcess stages. […] I highly recommend this course provided by TecnoDigital School and Miguel Herráez.”

Gonçalo Valente

MSc Advanced Lightweight and Composite Structures, Cranfield University (UK)

“The course has been extremely fruitful. Miguel explains in a very clear, simple and organized manner all of the fundamental concepts to work with Abaqus, and more importantly, he is able to motivate you to go further and keep learning. (…) Miguel made me aware of the tremendous potential of controling Abaqus with Python, from the pre-process to the post-process of the model. I am already waiting for his next course, Abaqus or Python I don’t mind. Congratulations for the course!

Bryan Barrantes

Post-grad Student, Polytechnic University of Madrid

“The training given by Miguel in the Abaqus/Scripting seminar has been very clear and complete. The explanations were easy to follow, pointing out the most important concepts. I work with Abaqus daily and what I have learned is an excellent starting point to automate my work

Eugenia Nieto

PhD Student, IMDEA Materiales

Miguel is an excellent professional who masters the subject, which indeed has been very interesting and easily applicable to my research sector. I strongly recommend his trainings”

José Manuel Soria

Lecturer, Polytechnic University of Madrid, Group of Structural Engineering