The power of Abaqus through Matlab

Numerical simulation finite element analysis Abaqus Matlab
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Discover how to exploit the simulation capabilities of Abaqus from Matlab

Are you facing any of these challenges?
  • I want to create and run FE simulations in Abaqus from Matlab automatically.
  • I need to connect Abaqus to Matlab or any other external applications (e.g. ETABS, ANSA, Hypermesh, ML apps…)
  • I need to use my current programs (in C, C++…), scripts (in Python, JavaScript…), legacy code (Fortran, Pascal, Cobol…) into Abaqus.
  • Is it even possible to interact with Abaqus from external applications?
Check the contents of the course:
The Power of Abaqus through Matlab
(4 blocks, +35 videos, 3 quizzes)
  • - What is Abaqus? What can I use it for?
  • - Why automation is fundamental in Finite Element Analysis?
  • - In which ways can we control Abaqus? Can we do it from Matlab?

Small scale yield model abaqus

  • abaqus Controlling Abaqus from external sources
  • command line with abaqus Fundamentals of passing arguments to Abaqus
  • quiz QUIZ
interacting with abaqus using python
  • practical case fem Practical case #1: Helical spring
  • matlab and abaqus Controlling Abaqus from Matlab
  • quiz QUIZ
Linear spring in abaqus with beam elements
  • python Advanced management of arguments in Python
  • fem model Practical case #2: Parametric spring shape
  • matlab Advanced analysis with Matlab and Abaqus Scripting
  • quiz QUIZ
spring with nonuniform section abaqus

Automate your interactions with Abaqus

  • Throughout more than +35 episodes, I will show you the keys with which you will control Abaqus from Matlab or from any other application!
  • You will learn how to automate your workflow combining the power of Matlab and the versatility of Abaqus scripting with Python, saving huge amounts of time and preventing human errors
  • All the lessons of this course are very fluidcomprehensive and every single detail is explained. With 3 quizzes to go even further in your training. 
  • Every lesson goes straight to the point and includes many tips and tricks that I use daily. You will learn what you need on every stage and you will be putting it into practice through practical cases
  • The final goal of the course is that you manage to face a complex workflow in Abaqus controlled from Matlab. You will go from “I didn’t even know this was possible” to “I have designed a full FE simulation workflow in Abaqus from Matlab!”
  • The course is designed such that you can reproduce it using the Abaqus Student Edition and if you don’t have access to Matlab you can use Octave instead.
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Miguel Herraez, founder and professor of TecnoDigital School, expert in Abaqus, Python and numerical simulation tools
Where have I worked and studied during my career?
NASA Langley

Visiting researcher

École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne

Post-doctoral researcher


Industrial and scientific projects

University of West Virginia (WVU)

BSc final project

IMDEA Materials Institute

Research assistant

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University Rey Juan Carlos


Polytechnic University of Madrid

Phd in Mechanics of Materials

Carlos III University of Madrid

BSc in Industrial Engineering

What my students think of previous trainings and courses

“By far you have made that anybody can follow the course. You provide all the tools required so that anyone who has ever programmed can follow the course perfectly. Definitely, it is a course made for all levels. I think the course is extremely useful and I would repeat it again for sure. I have felt the course is made taking care of every detail"

Mario Martin
Mario Martín Mechanical Engineering student, University of Oviedo (Spain)

“Thank you Miguel, actually, you teach two things at once, Python and Abaqus. Thanks again and again. I am waiting for the simulation of composite materials!!! I will watch the videos again and again […]. A lot of very important steps in building a model in Abaqus/CAE […]. Thanks again!”

Babajide Williams
Jide Williams Graduate Teaching Assistant, University of Denver (USA)

“Abaqus/Scripting is a powerful tool to automate any task in Abaqus using Python scripts. This means that it is possible to automate and control any action performed in Abaqus and, consequently, save a tremendous amount of time both in the PreProcess and PostProcess stages. […] I highly recommend this course provided by TecnoDigital School and Miguel Herráez”

Gonçalo Valente
Gonçalo Valente MSc Advanced Lightweight and Composite Structures, Cranfield University (UK)

“I have just completed the course Abaqus/Scripting with Python and, firstly, I would like to say congratulations. It has been a really interesting course, from which I take lots of resources to implement. I would like you to make new courses with the advanced topics mentioned at the end (optimization, user interfaces…). I hope to see new contributions and courses soon!"

Andrés Egido
Andrés Egido Aerospace Engineer, Saitec Offshore Technologies
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