Controlling abaqus from external applications

Course abaqus from external applications

Take advantage of the most powerful FEA by integrating Abaqus in your design workflow

Did you know that you can...
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…speed up all the simulation workflow in Abaqus thanks to Python scripts?

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…control Abaqus from any other application (Excel, Matlab…)?

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…introduce any custom functionality into Abaqus CAE through plug-ins?

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…integrate Abaqus simulations into any complex workflow involving other programs?

Check the contents of the course:
Control Abaqus from external apps
(8 hours of recorded sessions + all the material and resources)
SESSION 1 (3h)

CHAPTER 1: Scripting with Python in Abaqus

  • Step-by-step development of a Python script in Abaqus
  • Automatic preprocessing, running and postprocessing
  • Example 1: linear spring analysis

CHAPTER 2: Custom plug-ins in Abaqus

  • Development of Kernel and GUI plug-ins in Abaqus/CAE
  • Kernel plug-ins: menus and toolsets (multiple examples)
  • GUI plug-ins: interface for the linear spring example
Kernel and GUI plugins in Abaqus/CAE
SESSION 2 (3h)

CHAPTER 3: Interacting with Abaqus from the command line

  • Fundamentals to interact with Abaqus from the cmd
  • Pass of arguments to Python scripts from the cmd
Pass of arguments to Python scripts from the cmd

CHAPTER 4: Controlling Abaqus from Matlab

  • Adaption of the linear spring example to run parametric studies from Matlab
  • Adaption of the linear spring script to produce variable radii springs
  • Passing results from Abaqus to Matlab

CHAPTER 5: Controlling Abaqus from Excel

  • Fundamentals of Excel Macros
  • Fundamentals of VBA
  • Example 2: Analysis of a lap shear bolted joint from Excel in Abaqus
Bolted joint model from excel using Python
SESSION 3 (2h)

CHAPTER 6: Desktop application to control Abaqus

  • Development of an interface using Python
  • Setup of a Python 3 environment
  • Fundamentals of GUI design with Qt in Python
  • Example 3: orthogonal milling process
orthogonal cutting simulation
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